Belfry Brewery 🔔💕

This Weekend! You may have seen my post last week in which I totally goofed on the date for this show! So – sincere apologies if you showed up last Sunday in hopes of seeing me 😆 I assure you I’ll be there this time 💕 Show is 4-7 🔥 Face masks + Limited Seating so come early to grab a spot!

Women are only allowed to break hearts 💕

Just a quick Phoebe Bridgers appreciation post for one of my favorite modern female rockers who proceeded to totally kill it this week on SNL 💕 The fact that anyone has anything negative about her epic gitar smash is truly hilarious to me 🤣🤣 I only wish she could’ve convinced Nate Walcott to bash in his trumpet like he did on Craig Ferguson 😆

See Ya Sunday, Friends!

Be My Valentine 💕

Friends! I AM VERY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE I was able to score a fun Valentines Day gig on my favorite lovesick holiday 💕💕

Like every year; I’ll practicing self care and self love to the max by starting my day with a witchy flower pedal bath and an over the top picnic for myself – I might even buy myself a new dress 🥰

So Join me for a lovely evening at Vino Di Sedona from 5-8 pm ♥️

I’ll be in a really good mood 😋